On 7 June Bill led our volunteers in a day long project to release the Chinook salmon that we had bred here in the hatchery over the 2021-2022 winter and spring seasons. Approximately 60,000 Chinook were set free, using our new large scale hoses to help get them to the creek. We were also able to capture and transfer them much easier this year with the help of our new seine net! This made for a fun day in the sunshine.

This marks the last release of fish for this year. Over the spring and summer we were able to raise and release significant numbers of Coho, Chinook and Pink salmon into the Chapman Creek system and surrounding ecosystem. These fish will contribute to the health of our wild waters in and around the creek before returning when their natural cycle ends and they wish to breed once more.

See you again Fishes!!

In addition to these photos below, check out some cool videos of what the fish look like after they are first released in the river, and the process of netting and transferring them.

Thank you all the great volunteers who helped make this season such a success, and, once again, thank you to Bill, our amazing Hatchery Manager who provides the critical technical knowledge we need to care for our hatchery fish.