We released 13,000 Chum into Chapman Creek! The eggs were fertilized and brought into incubation in November/ December 2022 and they left incubation in May 2023. The Chum stay with us for a very short time in our small tanks from May 2023 till June 2023 when they were released. The fish were released from the small tanks where they were in floating nets and netted them into buckets and brought them out to our rearing area to the box. The box had a pipe which had flowing water from the tanks that went into the box and through the hose and out to the creek. Once the fish were in the box, they swam into the hose and into the creek and eventually into the ocean. These Chum will spend the next 3 and a half years in the ocean and then will return to Chapman Creek to spawn as adults in the fall of 2026.