On May 20, 2023 we had our 2nd annual Salmon Release Festival! With the help of the public, we released around 1,000 Coho salmon into Chapman Creek. The Coho eggs were fertilized in October of 2021 and were in incubation till March-May 2022. The Coho were reared in tanks once they came out of incubation and were then being released as smolts on May 20, 2023. The Coho will spend the next year-and-a-half in the ocean, and then return to spawn as adults to Chapman Creek in the Fall of 2024. There were tons of fun activities for everyone:

  • Archery put on by the Sunshine Coast Rod and Gun Club
  • Nature scavenger hunt put on by Sunshine Coast Community Forest
  • Kite making
  • Fish release
  • Fire safety put on Roberts Creek Fire Department
  • Barbeque put on by Rotary Club Sechelt
  • Fly tying demonstration
  • Kids fishing
  • And more!

It was an amazing turnout this year! Thank you to everyone who came out to the festival!

And a big thank you to all of our hardworking volunteers and staff for making it such an amazing day!

Salmon Release Festival Video: