Here are some updates on the development of our fish.

Juveniles: We have one tub going in the rearing area with 22,600+, 12 gram Coho salmon slated to be released this May. These fish are fed only 3 days a week (Tues, Thurs and Sat) due to the creek water being very cold, 0.77C this morning. As the creek water temperature warms the frequency of feeding will increase and more days of the week will be added as feeding days.
Incubation: 70,400+ Pink salmon are all hatched and using up their yoke sacks as they develop from alevin to fry. We have three different spawn date groups going with each particular group at a different stage of development. These three groups will be need to be moved over the next few weeks to rearing tubs. When we do that there will be sampling for fish size twice (once for initial ponding to the rearing container for developing a feeding schedule, and once for the day of release to the creek a week later), daily feeding, cleaning and picking mortalities will be undertaken. The Pink salmon are only here feeding for roughly one week before we release them to the wild, a very short freshwater stay as they smolt immediately and must get to the ocean, in particular salt water. 
68,300+ Chinook salmon (all one spawn group) are also hatched and developing into fry, These will need to be moved to a rearing container some time in mid March. Same goes on for these fry, size sampling, developing a feed schedule and daily feeding, cleaning and picking out mortalities until they are released in late May of this year.
59,400+ Coho salmon (4 different spawn groups) Two groups are fully hatched, one is starting to hatch and the last group are still at the egg stage, just like the previous two species, they will need the same daily care starting sometime in March/April up until they are released in May of 2023.
Fish wise the workload is about to increase quite a bit over the next few months here starting this Monday (Feb 28th) late morning or early afternoon with the first group of Pinks being ponded to a rearing container. Spring is a busy time for a hatchery so there are lots of opportunity for volunteers to help at the hatchery.

In addition, if you are into gardening, landscaping, trail maintenance etc., there’s lots of that to do here. For all Volunteer opportunities, please contact Bill at the hatchery. Telephone: 604.885.4136 Toll Free 1-877-330-4326. Or, by email