The Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining and building salmon stocks in local waterways and facilitating public education regarding salmonid habitat and life cycles.

Spring 2024 Operations Update

As of May this year, 2024, we have incubated, fed and then released roughly 107,000 Pink salmon fry to Chapman Creek. We are currently rearing approximately 20,000 Coho fry, these will be with us until late spring of 2025. We are also holding over 14,000 Chinook fry, these will be released in late May or early June this year. Some of our 22,000 Coho salmon we have been rearing for the last year in the hatchery will be released on our annual Salmon Release Festival on Sat, May 18, 2024 from 11am to 3pm. The rest of these Coho will be released towards the end of May or early June.

This past winter we have purchased and installed a backup generator and associated equipment to automatically power the entire hatchery during a power failure. We did not have this option before now. The main reason for having a backup power supply here now is we have the ability to pump groundwater from 3 wells on site to the fish containers. If we are pumping water to the fish and the power goes off it will be harmful to them in two ways. 1 – the water stops flowing from the pumps, a lack of flow will deplete the oxygen levels in the rearing container and may or will quickly become lethal if they don’t get flowing water withing minutes. 2 – the groundwater will be a different temperature from the creek water most of the year, cooler or warmer. Groundwater here is a constant 10c all year, the creek water varies from just over 0c in the winter to over 20c in the summer. If the rearing container temperature changes fast the fish will be physically harmed by this abrupt change, the bigger the difference in temperature change the more harm will occur, it could also be lethal. The backup power supply will stop these scenarios for happening.

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