The Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining and building salmon stocks in local waterways and facilitating public education regarding salmonid habitat and life cycles.

October and November 2023 Operations Update

This year we had an excellent Pink Salmon return run which began with the first rains in September, and picked up in volume as the water levels increased. We took eggs from the Pinks over several sessions, and now have over 130,000 Pink salmon eggs in the incubation building being cared for. The Coho run followed closely on the tails of the Pinks, again, a good strong return of Coho from their time at sea. Prior to us breeding this year’s Coho, we undertook the fin clipping process for the over 23,000 Coho salmon we have been rearing in the hatchery until their release next May at our annual Salmon Release Festival (May long weekend). With the help of numerous amazing volunteers we were able to clip the adipose fins and transfer the fish to a larger tank where they will continue to grow and flourish.

The final breeding processes for this year’s Coho runs are taking place over a few weeks in November. We have over 13,000 Coho already in the hatchery, and hope to more than double that amount with the final egg taking sessions coming soon.

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